Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Provo MTC: February 26, 2000

Hi fam!

Wheee!  Cookies!  Yum yum!  Uh, sorry.  I kinda lost control there for a second.  Okay, now I don't remember what I was gonna write.  I guess I'll just go into general stuffs.

Things are going well.  Spanish is coming along just fine.  Nobody's eaten anyone else in mi cuarto [tr: my room].  Food's pretty good.  It ain't no home cookin', but it's better than starving, ya know?  One problem, though.  There's all the time an... shall we say "unique?" aroma in here.  Ooo boy yum yum.  Cookies!  Oops, lost my train of thought again.  I'm really scatterbrained hoy [tr: today].

Oh!  Hey Mom!  I've been sleeping on the same sheet for three and a half weeks!  Aren't you proud?  Wait.  I forgot the key point.  I've washed it every Saturday.  My feet smell.  Just thought I'd share that with ya.

Okay, I'm starting to get even weirder than usual.  I'll just be done then. ¡Chao!  [tr: Bye!]


PS  Yea, I'm still Joe.

Oh!  Flip this over!  →

It seems I am able to receive email.  I'm unable to send, though.  This groovy thingy is done at  You'll need my name, mailbox number, mission name, and departure date.  Also, you gotta them 'em your name and email address.  Anyone can do it and as often as you want.

In case you forgot...

My name: Joseph D. Simper
My mission name: Paraguay Asunción (NOT North)
My departure date: April 4
My mailbox number: 198
Your name: Um... if you forgot this, you need help

The other elders in my district.
Back; left to right: Liechty, Skiff, Bell, Marx.
Front; left to right: Warner, Palmer.

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