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Provo MTC: March 26, 2000

¡Familia! [tr: Family!]

¿Cómo está?  Estoy bien, pienso.  Es posible que esté equivocado, pero no pienso que sí.  De todos modos…  ¿Quieren una traducción ahora?  ¡Claro! [tr below]

How are you?  I'm good, I think.  It's possible that I'm mistaken, but I don't think so.  Anyway…  Do you want a translation now?  Sure!

Alrighty.  I'm gonna attack this monster letter now.  Here I go!

… Dad had an abdomen pain attack…
Oh, no!  That can't be good… [continue reading]

… he will be just fine!
Yay!  That's good!

So I wrote a speech and resigned from the board for health reasons…
I'm glad you got out of that, Mom.  There's been too much garbage going on with the school board lately.  I'm relieved that you don't have to be in the middle of it any more.

… Sarah has been called to be a counselor in the Beehive's!
Awesome!  ¡Felicitaciones, hermanita! [tr: Congratulations, little sister!]  I know you'll do a great job, Sarah.  Just remember that, as a leader, you are an example to the others.  Continue to lead a good life.  Something we hear a lot here is this: "Live so that those who know you, but don't know Jesus Christ will want to know him because they know you."  And one more thing: you go girl!  I am proud of you!

… Renaissance Festival.
Wee!  What fun!  That place is sooo cool!  Didja get the jester cap?

So, about the Guaraní scriptures&emdash;can you read them?
Heh.  Um.  No?  Let me share a scripture from it.

Ha che, Nefi, ha'e kuri che rúpe: Aháta ha ajapóta Ñandejára ojeruréva chéve, aikuaágui ha'e no me'êiha mba'eve tembiapoukapy omoîporã mboyve tape ojejapo haguã upe mba'e ojeruréva'ekue.

That was 1 Nephi 3:7.  Tough, no?  I hope to be able to read and speak Guaraní before I get home, but it won't be easy.

Oops.  Just dumped my water botter on my notebook.  That was smooth.  Oh, well.

My district is going to sing "We'll Bring the World His Truth" in sacrament meeting today.  We'll be doing it with another district.  They speak Mandarin Chinese.  It's gonna be so cool!  We'll sing the first verse in Spanish, then they'll sing the first verse in Mandarin, then we'll all sing the last two in English.  By the way, I bought a children's songbook in Spanish.  It didn't even cost me $4!

Hey, Dad.  Remember what you told me before I went to Canada?  "Honor your name" and be good and stuff like that?  Well, here's a little excerpt from a letter from Sara [ed: a friend that I met over the Internet.  I flew to Canada to visit her about a month before I entered the MTC.].  "Oh, my mom said to tell you that any letters you write here will be shared with the family… This is because she has pretty much adopted you now…"  Sounds like I did something right, ¿no?

Oh!  I guess I should talk a bit about my little enclosures.  I wanted to send something cool home to the fam, and I couldn't think of anything cooler than my nametag.  So I ordered one special for you guys.  Also, don't miss the HLJ ring for Sarah.  HLJ stands for "Haz lo justo", which is, of course, Spanish for "choose the right."  In addition, I've included pictures of each of the elders in my room, along with some others.  I especially like the prison picture.  Don't miss the Far Side cartoon!  It's about cows!

Okay, my pouch address will be as follows:

Elder Joseph D. Simper
Paraguay Asunción Mission
PO Box 30150
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0150

Don't forget that only letters can be sent via pouch mail.  I don't wanna get in trouble.  I'll send my other address when I get it, in case you wanna send me pictures or cards or something.

Well, I need to go write a talk on love in case I get called on to speak in sacrament meeting.  I've got about an hour left.  Oops?  I think I'll be okay.

I love all you guys.  See you in NINE days!


PS Oh, no!  It starts at 1:30, not 2:30!  !Ay!  Sure hope they don't call on me…

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