Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Provo MTC: March 11, 2000

To the family:

Woohoo!  A package full of nummies and a letter in the same week!  Yay!  Um... uh... yeah.  I'll get to the letters now.  First, the one on the AWESOME cow stationary:

...my retirement disability had been approved!
That's great news!  I finally got a at-home mommy!  But... I'm not at home to enjoy the at-home mommy... :(  Oh, well.  I'll survive!

If I were to go back to work, I'd lose money.  Pretty neat, huh?
That's all?  "Pretty neat"?  That is wonderful, spectacular, and flat-out groovy, baby!

Okay, now from the letter in the package:

...you should be buried up to your "hoo-hoo" by now.
This is interesting here 'cause I read it on... uh... Wednesday, I think.  Wednesday was as sunny as can be.  We didn't get snow 'til Thursday or Friday.

Do you get to go outside and play in the snow?
Well, we haven't left class for that purpose, but we can at other times (not now, though, 'cause it's all gone).  I got a (hopefully) nice picture of Elder Miller and I outside my building with the snow making a nice backdrop.  I'll send a copy when I get it developed.

Ouch?  I haven't got any blisters, yet, but a couple of the other elders... wait, yes, I have.  I got one little one on day two, but it didn't hurt or even last more than a day.  Elder Pribyl got a couple monsters, though.  I'm talkin' an inch across easy.

...enjoy the goodies...  I hope you like them...
Plain M&M's.  Peanuts.  Aunt Edwina's ginger cookies.  TEXAS SHEET CAKE.  How on earth could I NOT like them?

This week has been pretty routine, with the exception of one thing.  Well, two actually.  The first one is sad.  My favorite teacher, Hermana [tr: Sister] Hopkin has been whisked away from us.  A new district came in, and there aren't enough teachers. :(

The other one is happy.  Last night we were doing a lesson on helping others feel and recognize the Spirit.  I was sharing experiences back and forth and then I was struck, like lightning.  I had been praying for quite some time to know that the Book of Mormon is true.  I felt like I hadn't received an answer.  Last night I realized that the Holy Ghost has been testifying to truth to me every single time I read.  I now know that the Book of Mormon is true.  I'd also like to add that, if you really want an answer to your prayers, listen for it.

I love all of you.


PS Like my sticker?

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