Saturday, June 13, 2015

Provo MTC: April 2, 2000

[ed: Some context.  This letter was written shortly after President Hinckley announced that new temples would be built in Asunción, Paraguay, where I would be serving as a missionary, and in Snowflake, Arizona, which is about thirty miles from my home.]


Wee!  Temples in Asunción and Snowflake!  I am so excited!  And, and, and!  I'll be in Paraguay in THREE days!  Wahoo!  Oh, and I'll be seeing all y'all on Tuesday.  That's groovy, too.

Here's responses to stuff in the letter that accompanied the package (by the way, the jerky was great!):

I saw Brother Jones last night… [ed: my seminary teacher in high school]
No letter… :(  He might be too late.

I bought a coin map...
Neat-o!  That's cool.  I managed to acquire a 1999 Susan B. Anthony dollar, uh... a while ago.

Who do you know from Australia?
Heh, heh, heh.

I made an executive decision here about an hour ago.  Since I will probably have returned home when the Asuncion temple is dedicated, I am going to fly there.  What better excuse to visit my mission than a temple dedication?  Plus, it would be awesome to attend the temple with some of the people that I will baptize.

Just a quick note of my thoughts for today.  See all of you on Tuesday!


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