Saturday, June 13, 2015

Mission Home: April 5, 2000

To the Simper family:

Here I am, sitting in the mission home, writing to you.  We've spent the last… wow.  Six hours in orientation.  It didn't seem like it at all.  Anyway, the flight was great.  The two sisters gave out two Books of Mormon on the plan.  I didn't, 'cause I never got an English one.  I got a whole four hours of sleep, broken up in four one-hour sections.  Not good.  I'm totally exhausted, but I don't really feel tired.  Ya know what I'm saying?  We're about to go to a baptismal service.  No, I'm not doing anything but starting my mission here in Paraguay.  Well, I've only got one more thing to say.  As we were flying over Asunción, about to land, I felt like I was coming home.  I know this is where I'm supposed to be, and I am so happy to be here.  Oh, one more thing, my mission president, President Cheney, and his wife are awesome.  I love all of you.


Okay.  I have more to talk about.  My address here is:

Elder Joseph D. Simper
Casilla de Correos 818
Asunción, Paraguay 1209

Letters generally take ½ to 3 weeks to get home.  Packages cannot be over 4 pounds.  Packages that are overweight go through customs will be kept and opened.  It'll cost a bundle in both time and money to get them.  Make sure you put the green internation slip on all packages, describing what the package contains.  It doesn't have to be exactly what it is, because Paraguayans can't read English anyway.  They just want the green slip.  You can get that at the post office.  And finally, my email address is:

[ed: email address removed to fight against spam bots]

with Elder Joseph D. Simper as the subject.  I can't send, but I can receive.  P-day is Monday, so I'll write more then.  Love ya!


PS Remind me to tell you about the car ride to the baptism!  ¡Ay!

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