Friday, March 18, 2016

Villa Elisa: July 11, 2000

My Simper Family,

Well, this letter is probably going to be a little short.  It's Tuesday morning, and I have to leave in twenty to thirty minutes.  I know.  I'm a bad boy.  Somebody should spank me.  It's too bad everyone around here is too little to do it! :D

I received an email this week dated June 19.  Hmm…  That's a little late, isn't it?  Oh, well.  Anyway…

Have you gotten any of the packages I've sent you?
I've gotten two.  I heard tell that you sent three.  Hopefully, I'll get that one today.

Your new companion sounds great--another answered prayer!!
Yeah, he was.  So great that President Cheney took him away from me.  Elder Erickson is the new mission secretary.  Oh, well.  I'm doing just fine with Elder Martin.  Everything is just fine.

No one picks on me any more.
Sarah said this one.  I have just one piece of advice.  Get over it and go out and find some boys to pick on. :)  It's much more enjoyable to do the picking-on than to be the one picked on.  So… go out and get 'em!

Okay.  That's that.  Quick change.  This week was really slow.  It rained pretty hard, plus Elder Martin was sick.  As a result, we didn't get much done.  I'll see what I can do, though.

Tuesday: Nothing special happened.

Wednesday: We bought a map of Villa Elisa.  It's a nice map, too.

Thursday: Nothing again.

Friday: Surprise.  Nothing.

Saturday: We didn't do anything.  Elder Martin was in bed all day long.  I got quite a bit of personal study in, though.  I can't remember what I studied, though.  Is that a bad thing?

Sunday: We had a family all lined up to go to church.  A big family.  Two parents and ten kids.  Yes.  I said ten kids.  The oldest is only thirteen.  Anyway, they didn't go to church because the mom had a stomach ache.  Sigh.  Other than that, nothing.

Monday: Okay. This is it.  Monday.  I got a haircut.  Then we went grocery shopping.  We we got back, we started cleaning.  That stove was disgusting.  It's a lot better now.  It's amazing what a ball of steel wire, some elbow grease, and no respect for the paint can do.  Anyway, cleaning took a lot of time.  We had to go out soon after that, even though all we did was drop our laundry off.  We were actually out 'til 8:30, but we didn't do anything.  That's why I'm writing today.

Anyway, I've got to get going.  Sorry for the letter.  It's really true, though.  We did a lot of nothing this week.  We tried to do stuff, but no one would let us.  Hopefully, this week will be better.  We'll see.

Love you!


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