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Villa Elisa: May 15, 2000

Hey fam!

Another week has flown by.  They say time flies when you're having fun.  Well, they're right.  Plus, when you're in the service of the Lord, it's even faster.  I've been a missionary for three and half months, but it seems like only a few weeks.  Anyway, I got an email from ya'll, so I'll talk about that before I tell you about this week.

This is a test to see if this gets to you.
It passed the test.

... the experience [committing people to baptism] has got to be extremely uplifting.
Yeah, well, just a little bit. :P

I am going to print this out and send it to you in the snail-mail also in case it doesn't reach you this way.
Uh.  Okay.  Go for it.

Your letter said that whatever you did on Pres. Cheney's computer "didn't work."  What were you trying to do?
Pass the time.  I didn't know what I was doing, but I did some looking around and messing, but nothing major.  I didn't know what the problem was, nor how to fix it.  I was bored, though, so I started playing.

How often will you receive your e-mail messages?
Every Tuesday.

Is it easier to reach you this way or regular mail?
Email is faster.  That's all.  Whichever you want.  It doesn't matter either way on this side of the world.

Okay.  I'm just gonna jump into my week now.  I had zone meeting Tuesday.  Elder Kump [ed: one of the two zone leaders] left for home, so we got a new Zone Leader, Elder Osmond.  He gave a really good talk on working hard.  It was really inspirational.  He invited us to give over 100 charla cortas [tr: short discussions] in a week (which we didn't do), and also to memorize the Creed (which I did).  As for the rest of the day, nothing really exciting happened that I can recall.  Wait.  I ate something new.  Mondongo.  Cow stomach.  It actually wasn't too bad.

Wednesday was cool.  The three district leaders had to go to a meeting, so their comps got stuck together.  Three greenies [ed: slang term for new missionaries] Me, Elder Miller, and a Uruguayan named Elder Rodriguez, who's been in the country for two weeks now.  We had some charla cortas and a good charla [tr: discussion] one.  We also got a "come back on Sunday."  I wasn't too enthused about that, because she didn't give me her name.  Wouldn't give it, rather.  We talked with Jorgelina again, with better results than before.  I wish I knew what was bothering her.

Thursday morning we went to San Isidro to give an interview (the district leader [ed: my companion, Elder Handy] has to interview all baptismal… uh… yeah, whatever they're called.  This wasn't too special.  What was neat about it was the sisters and I talked without much difficulty.  They're from Chile.  The rest of the day was bland.  No one wanted to talk to us!

Friday was more of the same.  We gave an interview for the other elders in Villa Elisa.  We wandered around, finding.  Well, trying to find.  We had a good chat with Margarita, but then, we always do.  She's ready for baptism.  She needs to get married, though, and for that, her… uh, guy needs to get divorced.  It costs about $20 for a wedding and $600 for a divorce.  Not nice.

I made my final decision on Saturday.  We're going to move.  The landlord is so much cooler, and the pensión [tr: apartment] is much better.  He gave us lunch, and we didn't even ask!  We also gave a charla four and a charla three.  The charla three was to a guy named Juan.  He's got some problems, physically.  His kidneys don't work.  He has to go to the hospital three times a week to get his blood changed.  It's a two hour ride.  However, he's agreed to baptism, and wants to go to church.

Sunday was nice.  We didn't have any investigators show up for church, but three inactive families did.  Plus, that lady I mentioned on Wednesday actually did let us talk.  It was a good charla, too.  Her husband was there, asking questions.  Questions are good.  They show that the person is listening.  After all the work was done for the day, I called Mom to wish her a happy Mother's Day, but you already know about that.

I ate lunch at Burger King today and I was Ren and Stimpy!  It was sooo cool!  One of my favorite restaurants and my favorite cartoon!  It was in Spanish, so I didn't understand all they said, but I was still laughing my head off.

So that's what's been going on.  Nothing major.  I'll go to the office tomorrow for Zone Conference.  I'm excited for that.  It's really neat, there.  Full report next week.  Until then, love you and bye!


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